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THE MULTI PURPOSE CABIN The TomaTech MPC is a building of the future, a Multi Purpose Cabin which can be adapted to suit any number of situations and environments. Using patented German technology developed exclusively for TomaTech, the modular building system can be customised to suit a wide range of applications. The revolutionary design is based around a rigid aluminium skeleton which creates the core structure of the modular building. Each interlocking metre-square panel is fastened to adjoining sections by a patented locking system, simple enough for a child to assemble yet robust enough to withstand extremes of external pressure. Once the basic four metre floor pan is in place, the chosen living or working environment can be created from an extensive selection of ancillary modules. Whether creating a hi-tech office or a poolside cabana, the TomaTech MPC is limited only by the imagination. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION The TomaTech MPC is designed around a 4 x 4 grid measuring 4.7metres by 4.7 metres and supported on four foundation poles, which extend as structural pillars to a height of three metres above floor level. Wall, door and window panels are added between the structural pillars to create a flexible configuration. Units can also be extended at any time, adding terraces, rooms or connections to additional units. A standard unit is 4.7 m by 4.7 mwith a grid of 16 one metre squares EXPANDABLE DESIGN The TomaTech MPC is designed to be adaptable and expandable to suit its owner. Two or more standard floor units can be connected with ease, creating larger and more complex structures. At any time the basic floor unit can be extended by one metre on all sides without additional support. Supported decking and roof extensions are also possible. ROOFING The roof shape can be adjusted to different angles using hinge fittings and can be finished in a variety of materials - wood, ceramic, fabric, glass or incorporating solar panels. The roof is also easily extended on all sides. Hinges allow for easy modification of roof angle A standard unit with 40 degreesaddle roof and 28 degree side extensions (butterflyroof) Rafter extension made easy Rubber joints are integrated into the aluminium profile, so solar panels or glass can be mounted easily and safely RUGGED DESIGN The TomaTech MPC has been designed to withstand severe storms and minor earthquakes and the roof has been tested in Germany to a graded snow weight of level 3. For more extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane areas and at high altitudes with heavy snowfall, additional structural enhancement kits are available. The MPC simply bolts on to thefoundations The TomaTech MPC can be built on any terrain, even sand and water, and requires only one metre of foundation depth to achieve optimum stability. Depending on ground terrain, three types of foundation piling are available and the TomaTech MPC can also be sited on sloping ground, with a maximum elevation of two metres between foundation poles. The TomaTech patented screw-infoundations can be installed in minutes in almost anyterrain STRENGTH AND DURABILITY The core structure of the TomaTech MPC is made from aerospace grade aluminium rated to EN12020, the highest European standard. Using the latest aluminium extrusion technology, the cross section of the interlocking bars is designed to withstand enormous pressure and the bars are linked with stainless steel connectors machined to precision tolerances. The TomaTech MPC frame is designed to last, with stainless steel connectors and aluminium sections treated to withstand environmental degradation. MOBILITY The TomaTech MPC is constructed of lightweight materials and is supplied on four standard pallets, making it easy to ship and to deliver to remote areas, even by air. Construction can take two people as little as four hours using the special tools provided. And for dismantling, the entire structure can be taken apart and repacked for shipping in just one hour. All aspects of the construction are designed to be simple and foolproof, removing the need for skilled labour. STYLE The TomaTech MPC is a masterpiece of precision engineering. The combination of matt aluminium and reflective stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and a variety of coloured finishes are also available. VERSATILITY Due to its flexible design and construction, the TomaTech MPC can be used in a variety of ways. From holiday cabin to mobile surgical unit, temporary shelter or military applications, the TomaTech MPC is a reliable and solid structure that can be adapted to any situation. ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS The electrical systems of the TomaTech MPC are fully integrated into the structure. The entire system is designed to run from one single external power source, be it generator, wind power or the traditional grid. Solar panels are easily integrated into the modular roof design which allows for a clean, economical source of power in even the most remote locations. Solar thermic energy is also available as an option for the fully integrated water heating system. The TomaTech MPC has been developed with a sophisticated market in mind, so uses its own range of electrical fixtures and fittings. A master control panel controls every electrical item in the building, from air conditioners to audio and video systems, lighting and power outlets. A range of modular units can be supplied to specification on order. PLUMBING In keeping with the TomaTech MPC modular concept, integrated shower and WC units are supplied to order. Each unit uses snap-on fittings for water and waste, which can be connected to public facilities or used as part of an external environmental processing system. External tanks and integrated sewage systems for remote sites can also be supplied as part of your order. AVAILABILITY The TomaTech MPC is built using a standard modular construction and the basic frame house can be delivered within four to six weeks of order, depending on specification. COST TomaTech MPC units are available for as little as € 4,000. Prices for additional modules and different finishes are available on request. TOMAHOUSE.PT BaliClavis introduces the TomaHouse BaleClassic. An innovative and modern KIT House Kerobokan, Bali: PT BaliClavis opens its doors and presents the first modern and innovative model “kit house” called the “TomaHouseBaleClassic”. Also present at the preview of the TomaHouse are hotel developers, architects, designers, hotel proprietors and hotel operators.

Frank Thoma, founder and conceptualizer of the TomaHouse coined it “a kit house”.
”I wanted it to be modern and yet cozy, versatile and affordable at the same time”. The intrinsic point of utilizing natural elements such as wood, stones and natural fibres that are indigenous to Bali resulted in the first model home created: the TomaHouseBaleClassic. Together with Australian-trained architect, Shinta Siregar, they embarked on what would be the first “German-Indonesian” kit house of which four houses have already been produced.

Frank Thoma, who has had an international education - with a degree from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and a MBA from the University of Miami - started his career as a publisher. For over a decade he has been an investor and the “brain” behind many innovative ideas, including the latest worldwide venture with Philip Stark: the ‘Yoo’ project www.yooland.de.

His versatility and ability to adapt to different cultural elements is depicted in the TomaHouseBaleClassic design. Its light weight aluminium structures, designed and fabricated in Germany, are transportable anywhere in the world thus making them ideal for more moderate and warmer climates. In addition, the patented “TomaHouse” in natural woods and its expandable add-on concept and affordability allows for multiple uses such as in private homes as a beach pavilion or, for commercial use as in a booth at a trade show, or a newsstand or even a Jacuzzi bathhouse!

Finally, each house can be assembled or taken apart within 48 hours and is completely outfitted with showers, toilets, air-conditioning, heating and lighting systems where a building team is available to setup a house anywhere in the world for a fixed fee.

TomaHouseBaleClassic combines German technology with the charm of Balinese craftsmanship.

For more detailed and technical information, please visit the website: www.tomahouse.com